Billy, The Monster and Me has been made with a lot of passion, imagination and creativity.

Billy, the Monster and Me Review

- What’s on Stage

The play succeeds in entertaining – actually entrancing – the most difficult audience of all: very young children.

Billy, The Monster and Me Review

- What’s on Stage

Maggie’s story is told with vibrant, colourful puppetry….live music…..and fantastic storytelling.

Maggie and the Song of the Sea Review

- Upstaged Manchester

This brand new show from Greater Manchester-based company Colour The Clouds is a perfect first theatre experience for very young children.

Aleena’s Garden Review

- Mother Greek

I loved watching my daughters face as she took in the flowers growing…..this gets a 5/5 from me and my daughter.

Aleena’s Garden Review

- What’s Good To Do

If you have a little one I would highly recommend this!!! 

Aleena’s Garden Review

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