About the Show

• Lowry

Billy is a typical 8-year old boy; he likes playing, building things and dreams of being a spy.  He loves to annoy his big sister, and his hero is his very, very old Granddad!  But what will happen when a Monster arrives in Billys own bedroom on the very day that his family is just too busy to take any notice of him? Join Billy as he embarks on his adventure.  Help him to identify and track the Monster, and play your part in saving Billys family from meeting a very sticky end! This show is suitable for children aged 3 + and their families.

You are invited to help Billy to learn about friendship, loyalty and self-belief and to have an exciting and interactive experience along the way. See if you can spot the things that Billy will need to defeat the Monster, wear your Team Billysticker and get your best funny faces ready to see if you can help save the day!

Praise for Billy, The Monster and ME!

The cast bought in puppetry, sensory elements, song, dance and circus skills, so that even my tiny baby was utterly mesmerised throughout. On the way out I was almost flyering for them! I seriously recommend this show for all the family. A great start to the day!

Billy, The Monster and Me is so successful the producers ought to be put in charge of sorting out the economy. The play succeeds in entertaining actually entrancingthe most difficult audience of all: very young children.


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